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Bambu Tent

Bambu Tent

The Bambu Tent is a spacious tent that comes with a fresh ambience perfect for big events such as weddings, parties and large conferences. It provides privacy, security and a great view of the surroundings which will allow you to enjoy a grand celebration in full comfort.


  • Fully air-conditioned events tent

  • Maximum seating capacity of up to 300 pax

  • 4 hours use of Venue

  • Stage 10x5x1ft

  • Parking up to 100 slots

  • Guest assistance (parking, restroom, drop off)

  • City Assistance

  • Electrician and Maintenance Assistance

  • Free scheduled Prenup Photos

  • 1 Bedroom overnight stay

  • Waived Corkage for accredited caterers and vendors

  • Waived Corkage for accredited lights and Sounds

  • Waived Corkage for accredited stylist and Florist

  • Waived Corkage for accredited Fireworks